Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Another Adventure: Barnet Marine Park

Hello there!

It's been a couple lazy days since I've last updated and I'm almost caught up with pictures of adventures to post so I better get out there again and explore soon!  

It's been nice though, relaxing all day...not feeling guilty doing it. It's an incredible sensation.  I haven't mentioned it before on here but among other medical issues that I've had this year (which I mean to write a post about) I was diagnosed with severe General Anxiety Disorder.  I chose not to be medicated (of course lol) so I've been controlling it by doing my own things.  A few things that I need to avoid to help reduce my anxiety is stress (duh!), alcohol, caffeine and processed foods.  Last week I had a little flare up it seemed of my anxiety and I think it could be due to some caffeine free soda I have been having.  I've been having more processed foods then I usually have so I'll have to watch that.  But another thing that helps is to exercise.  It was rainy last week so it could have been that I had not gotten out as much as I had been.  Yet another reason for me to go have an adventure!

So back to the original purpose of this post.  On Sunday Jami, Liam, Vlad and I went to a park that has a trail along the coast of an inlet.  It was a lovely walk and it had a bunch of different types of environments to explore, from rocky beaches to sandy beaches and large lawns of grass to some old rock places.  So here are some pictures.  I'd like to warn you that it was a fat day for me (I hadn't eaten well the day before and barely drank any water so I was pretty bloated up).   Anyway the point is, my belly just wouldn't stop saying hello!

 To give you an idea of how large these fields are, if you click this picture (above) to make it bigger, you'll see Vlad on top of the second hill, yeah...that's him, that little speck up there.

Beautiful isn't it?
=] I hope you guys are having a great week! Thanks for checking out my blog again! 



Anonymous said...

Great pics! Liam is soooo cute :) Can't wait to see the scenery in person. lol

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday LeeAnn!
Love you to pieces!!!!