Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Guess I'm 22...when did that happen?

I think ever since my 19th birthday I've been asking that question, "How old am I and when did that happen?".   I think it has something to do with the fact that people don't ask me on a regular basis how old I am.  I always have to think about it too, how old I am.  I guess it's because I always feel the same.   Maybe that's what my elders were talking about. =/   I bet I'm going to have a hard time admitting I'm 84 when I'll be that old, especially if I still feel 40 LOL.  Just like my grandfather. =]

I've been thinking about grandpa a lot lately.  Wondering if he's out there and watching over me or if he is really only left in our hearts.  Either way, I wish I could have gotten to know him better.  Been a little older when he was around.

Okay, back to the birthday thing. It was a quiet day, with my boyfriend and his family but it was nice.  Vlad remembered it was my birthday so that was pretty great and I got tons of birthday wishes and phone calls.  I also was in a huge baking mood so I cooked one classic recipe and one new pinterest found recipe. The classic older one was the Nestles Tollhouse chocolate chip cookies but I used mini chocolate chips instead of regular size.  If you haven't tried it, you should!  It's got yummy chocolateness in every bite!  Take a look (sorry for the bad photo quality)!

And of course it was a success as ever!  It definitely impressed Jami and Rick too! haha!

The other thing I made which was new one was Reece's Peanut Butter Bars!  This one was made with Vladimir in mind.  I found it through pinterest on this website.

So, making this recipe made me realize right away the reason why Reese's Peanut butter cups are good.  Take a look...

 Judging by those ingredients, what's not to love!?

So here was the final result.  It was easy to make and I think it tasted even better then the store bought ones!  So very good!

So I made it and it was easy and fast and EVERYONE loved it!  Changes I would recommend is to refrigerate for one hour then cut as desired. Then refrigerate a while longer to avoid the peanut butter bottom from crumbling (at least 2 hours if you have the time).  However, either way it tastes just as fabulous!

So that's all I really have to report! =]
I hope you all are doing great! I'll be seeing my parents tomorrow and the in-laws and the parents are finally officially meeting this week!  GETTING NERVOUS!
I'll report back soon I hope!

Hope you're all doing well! 


Jamie said...

Have you ever tried adding vanilla pudding to chocolate chip cookies? They become the softest cookies on Earth!

Those Reese's bars sound perfect for my boyfriend! I'll be sure to pin that one!

Jamie said...

Also, happy birthday! :D

Anonymous said...

The Reese's bars sound wonderful! yum! You'll have to make them for me to bring to staff sometime. lol.
Wish we were here for your birthday...but glad it was a good day :)
mommy xoxoxo