Sunday, May 27, 2012

Art in the City

On Saturday Vlad, his mom Jamie, his step-dad Rick and his brother Liam and me went to Vancuover's China Town.  It was a pretty cool experience. I have been to the San Fransisco China Town and it was actually quite similar, although smaller.  It was an interesting part of town and we walked toward the waterside.  There we proceeded to look for a restaurant, after about 1 hour we had found countless pubs (from nice to sketchy) and one Mexican restaurant.  Crazy! So we opted to drive to dinner, which was Red Robin. Yummy!  It was a very nice day and it was nice to be out and about seeing things and people.  We were walking through a not so good area of town and we found this painting on the side of the wall.  The alley before it was covered in art as far as I could see down it from my place by the mouth of it.  I was compelled to take a photograph.  I don't think that the details were able to be captured by this photo but it was a very detailed, thought out painting.  It was just so heartening to see beauty in a not so good area.  Enjoy!

Feel free to click on the picture to see it larger.

Hope you guys had a great weekend!!!

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Anonymous said...

wow, some people really are talented artists. sounds like a fun time.