Sunday, February 12, 2012

My mind is a little bit of...well, everywhere.

Just doing a quick little post.  I ran/walked 3 miles on Friday! Wowwwww! I'm so proud of myself because I mostly ran it. I couldn't believe how well I was doing. I was laughing and giggling the whole time and singing. My favorite running song to sing right now (and for awhile I think) will be "I'm following the leader." Yeah, the one from Peter Pan! It is soooo cute! =]

However today...Saturday, I was feeling aweful. I really don't it was related but I think it was more just bad luck. =/ so NO run today like I had planned! Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to run. I have a new marathon training schedule to prepare for a marathon on June 3rd. If it happens it happens, if not, that's okay.  But I'm going to try without losing site of my priorites.

Speaking of priorities I got my Exam II grade back. 76.4%.  Barely passed, but I passed and it is above the test average for the class (crazy!).  Only dropped me 2% of my overall grade too. So I am still in a pretty great place. However, my goal is an A so I'm going to have to do a bit more focus on the school thing.  I studied with my friend for the test and I feel it really really helped me so we're going to be doing it again only more consistently.  I'm pretty excited actually.  It is fun to study with someone who cares just as much as I do about our grades. (Speaking of which she did really good: 80%- she was definitely more prepared than me so she deserves it!)  Other than that, school is going great and I'm no where near as stressed as I was the last two weeks!

I have also been reading a book.  Well, listening to it but I feel it is more of a lecture. I am pretty sure I have mentioned this before about who I count it as reading because I really am truly paying attention to it and learning all of the meanings that the author intended for the reader to understand. If you remember Bell from Beauty and the Beast (yes more Disney related topics) I am just like her when it comes to reading a good book. I am absolutely consumed by it.  Don't remember how she is? Check out this video!  Lol! That is me! I do that in grocery stores or shopping with the parents. If it is a good book I read it over eating and sleeping. Yes, I'm serious.  So I'm reading The Scarlet Letter but because it is an audio book "study" of the book I can't go nonstop with it...well, I"m trying very hard not to! I'm on chapter 10 already!  If you're interested it is on craftlit and it is incredible.

OH MY! I almost finished the post off without actually talking about what I wanted to mention!!! DOH!!!
So here it is. I found that jumping jacks are extremely difficult. Never thought they would be, don't know why, but they are kicking my butt. So this past month I haven't been able to keep up with my goals of jumping jacks and side situps per day.  I'm going to switch back this week to sit ups and throw in side situps when I feel I'm ready. My goal is at least 50 per day and hopefully 70 by the end of the month. I did discover however, that jumping jacks are very effective at waking you up and warming you up.  Just do 20 and you are nice and toasty and just do 50 and you are wide awake!

Well thanks for reading!


p.s. I bound off a project last night. That makes me 2 FO posts behind >_<  I'll do those soon I hope!


Shateen said...

awesome goals!! i think you are slowly talking me into starting sit ups...

Anonymous said...

Good job LeeAnn! I might have to try jumping jacks. Are you jump roping yet?
xxxooo mommy

Anne G. White said...

Can't wait to see the next FOs! Btw, I awarded you the Liebster Blog Award on my blog Thanks for continuing to write!