Sunday, February 5, 2012

2012 Goals Progress: January review

This is a post to examine my goal progress that I achieved throughout January. I thought I would just update and compare my original goal list with what I have done. The original post with my complete goal list can be found here!

A quick note: 
I am constantly analyzing myself and evaluating myself, my progress, my goals, everything. However, I am not used to sharing it with people.  Please be polite (especially with any pictures posted) and realize that this is as a record of what I have done so I can see my progress from one month to the next.  I have never had a problem with negativity but feel that it is important to set the foundation.  On that note, any constructive criticism, or tips and tricks or experiences that you have are always welcome and I would be honored if you shared them with me! Thank you for reading my blog and posts. I really appreciate you taking the time and having interest in what I say.

Here we go!!!

 Overall I felt that I have done quite a bit in this area. I feel that when I am just so done with studying for a bit, I knit. That way I don't feel guilty about not studying.  Looking back at the month I noticed that that really adds up! That's the sum of this section, you can just skip to the next summary or if you're really interested you can read the specific things in this section I did.
  • 1 large blanket: So far I am currently working on this blanket while I study (st st) and I am at least 1/3 of the way through it.
  • 2 baby blankets: I am so close to done with one baby blanket. I feel that it isn't quite done and I will know when it is the right length. I am fighting very hard to not bind to early just because I want it to be done. I do however have new inspiration for this part because Vlad's mom is expecting another baby!!!
  • pair of socks for dad: I am currently working on his socks. I picked them out and am almost on the turning of the heal for the first sock.  These will not fit snuggly but that is okay because they are slipper socks. I was going to make these for a Christmas gift but dad kept bringing up that he really needed new hand-knit socks. How can I refuse? I am actually making incredible progress on these.
  • 2 sweaters for me: This one I worked on at the beginning of the month. I had finished the back piece, put it down and haven't touched it since.  I put it down so I could work on my dad's B-day present and will pick it up after I get 2 WIPs done!
  • hand knitted gifts for Christmas for everyone: This was actually a birthday gift for daddy and I will be blogging about it in my next post. I feel that it deserves a mention under a hand made gift category!

 I feel that I really made a lot of good changes in January. I am however, no where near my goal yet, but that's the point. Progress.  This section is very hard for me. It is by no means my strong area and I have a hard time not getting discouraged. However I have been taking one day at a time and I feel that just by doing that I have done very good so far.
  • keep a food journal: did it! I wrote everything down. I have a hard time some days to remember to write it down right away but twice a day I sit down and make sure I wrote everything. I have noticed that I have been eating breakfast more often because of this, even if only one boiled egg white. I have also avoided eating small little things here and there such as M&Ms quite a bit simply because it takes up space and time just to write it down. It is very encouraging to me that this method is actually a proactively beneficial thing for me. I do need to look at how I did each week and make goals for the next week though. I think that is the next step, along with keeping better track of the water that I drink.
  • run or be able to run a half marathon by year end: I have planned out a running plan for the next four weeks. I am very nervous about it because I have never been a runner. Ever.  I have run/walked with my doggies during this month but am finding it difficult to control both of them and work on running, especially timing how long I run with my second hand watch.  I might have to think about how I can sneak out without them noticing. (like that will happen! lol) However, I must figure something out because by the end of the next four weeks I will be able to run 30 minutes straight!!
  • get the stomach I want (or as close as possible considering my body shape) by year end and do something active every day: last month I did sit-ups every day following a pre-made calender.  At January 31st I was doing 50 situps when January 1st I could barely do 5!!! What a confidence boost. I tried very hard not to suck in for these pictures haha!  I actually see some progress..which I honestly did not expect.  I am so ready to be at the place I want to be, so I can't give up now! So, Here are my before/after pictures of one month...
 January 1, 2012

 February 1, 2012 
  • learn more about types of workouts and fitness information: I am really learning some stuff!  I found this website and it has helped me out. This is actually where I got my running plan for the next four weeks! I think that I do need some really basic information so I might go to the library and see if they have a running for dummies or something!
  • get out of habit of drinking Starbucks every time I go there to study: I haven't been going to Starbucks as frequently but I am still drinking it every time I go there and I am still drinking it as frequently throughout the week as before. This is something I need to work on especially because it will not be apart of my new diet!

Education I really have to go there? I guess I do. It is going okay. Busy... and I am getting a lot of anxiety. It's making me feel sick and influencing my fitness section I think. It also influences my ability to focus and I have really had a lack of motivation for the past two weeks. I however am definitely on the top part of my class at the moment and for the first time in years, I actually feel smart. It is an incredible feeling and I don't want to lose it so I need to keep trying. I need to keep going.
  • Get all A's in my class: I am working on it! I swear!  I'm just trucking along, trying to do all assignments and learn everything. So far so good, I have an 89% (An A is a 95% and an A- is a 92%) and I am confident that my next test will be a higher score than the 84% (most people got less than a 75% so I feel very good about that grade).
  • Apply for the equivalent of 2 scholarships a month: I did research this and found that not a lot of scholarships start yet. I will have to apply for scholarships for the fall semester.
  • Do all readings for my classes: So far so good! I completed all of my readings for Exam I.  Exam II might be difficult to complete the readings but I do not thing I need to read it word for word so as long as I cover and read all material I think is important. If I do that I will feel as though I have completed this goal.

 In this subject I have made very little progress but I have made progress...which is surprising to me!
  • read at least 6 books by the end of the year (school textbooks don't count!): I have started a audiobook reading that includes a lesson.  It's like an actual class and it describes the historical references in the book and the symbolism in it.  It is made for people who do crafty things with their hands, it's called Craftlit. Interested? here is the link.  I usually do not count listening to an audiobook as reading a book. I listen to harry potter audiobooks every single day.  However this is an actually stimulating thing and I will be following along with the reading so I feel that this is worthy for this section. What's that? What book am I reading? Why of course! silly me! I am reading The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne.  Frankly, I am very excited about this and can't wait to find out what happens! I will try to do one chapter a week.

 Dismal to say the least. February is a month in which I must really work on this. My issue with posting is 2 things.  1. I'm a perfectionist. I feel that if it's not perfect I shouldn't post it. However, I just need to post the dang thing sometimes. I regret not posting some posts and I just don't want to forget these experiences! I must post!  -and-  2. I have a hard time allowing myself to post blogs when I know I have school work I can do. I do however need to realize that taking a break can lead to more progress than just doing a marathon study session. (and that goes with running breaks too!)

Well...That is everything...


If you are still reading this, I am rather impressed. I hoped that it was enlightening to you and maybe encouraged you to think about yourself and your own goals too. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. These are my goals, my areas I want to improve. Any insight or recommendations you can provide me will be beneficial.  I would love to hear from you!



Shateen said...

dang girl, you are inspirational!! i have been struggling myself with getting more exercise in, and you are def motivational! don't worry about having perfect brings your readers along on your journey, which will be imperfect no matter how hard you try. and it is okay to have low moments or days where NOTHING is going right, what helps define you on your life journey is what you do with those moments. you can decide to stay in those low and hard times, or you can say, dude, tomorrow is going to be WAY better! and no matter what, you are never alone! looking forward to reading more about your progress. won't it be great to look back in just 3 months to see how much you have accomplished? dang!!

Anonymous said...

ohmygosh! it wears me out just reading all the stuff you did! don't be so hard on yourself--you are doing great. looking forward to your next post. hope it is "fluff" like a wonderful project you are doing. reading your many accomplishments makes me realize all the stuff i have NOT done (and should have!). you are inspiring. great job! xxxooo mommy