Sunday, February 5, 2012

Clinical Journal Entry 3

Here is my Clinical Journal entry for my third week (last week). I did not post the last one because it would be in violation with HIPPA. This one however is more about my personal work and is safe to post.

Describe your time management skills. My management skills for the day were very good.  I found time for the entire assessment and was able to help my nurse with most things that she did.  I feel that I did very good at making sure my assessment was not a hindrance for my patient and made their time with their visitors a priority.  I feel that I do have more growth in this area and that I need to get everything done with my patient right away so that I can be in the habit of that and be ready to take on more responsibilities and patients when the time comes.
Explain your learning goals. When I was doing my clinical packet the night before I had some questions on some of the medications that my patient was on and specifically why my patient was on those medications.  I had marked them so that I could ask someone. The first thing that my RN asked me on my clinical day after our introduction was ask me if I had any questions. I took that opportunity to ask my questions.  I feel as though I did impress my nurse because I was well organized and able to ask her all the questions I had.  I also gave her my reason from thinking that a medication could be used another way for the patient and she had said that she definitely could see it being used that way too.  I feel that this method was definitely a success for me and I will continue to do it.  It is encouraging to know that my nurse was so accepting of questions and conversation about why things are the way they are.

It's not much but I hope you liked it.  I am currently working on two blogs that are overdue! I hope to get one out tomorrow and one out Monday! Hope everything is going great for you!



Shateen said...

are you able to share the setting you are doing your clinicals in? i worked in LTC and remembered the people always appreciated when i asked them what their schedule was like and when we could get together. they were always swamped as soon as they moved in and were overwhelmed with all the information! it is awesome that you were considerate of the visitors and were organized. that goes A LONG way!!! keep up the good work!

LeeAnn Schaefer said...

Hi Shateen! Thanks for your comment! This semester I'm working in a hospital following a nurse who takes care of patients who have been in surgery or going to surgery!