Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Chugging along, barely

Hello there

Just wanted to say I'm having a tough time. I am now almost 90% certain that my thyroid hormone levels are off again (hypo, again). So for the past four weeks I have been getting progressively worse.  This is why I haven't been posting.  I was typing a post for today and I fell asleep. While typing.  Yep, now I know what it is and I can't get tested until maybe Thursday. Hopefully it resolves itself.  I"m going to try to keep pushing myself to get stuff done though.  Finals are next week after all.

Thursday I have a Doctors appointment with a new doctor to get a second opinion on my functional hypoglycemia diagnosis.  I think it's something more, or more severe and I need to have a recommendation for dietician counseling.  Either way I am confident that this doctor will listen to me and take the time to put the symptoms together.  He comes with an extremely high recommendation from a picky friend! I'm looking forward to it.  So hopefully Thursday night I can report back with some news. If not hopefully I can do a FO post >_<  I still owe you them!!!

Keep me in your thoughts.  I'm chugging along. (Oh, I'm still managing to do my running, yay!)

LeeAnn <3


WS said...

That doesn't sound great. Not exactly what you need when you have finals coming up. Good luck with everything! I hope the doctor comes through for you.

LeeAnn Schaefer said...

Thanks for the comment! I did okay today and I see my doctor tomorrow! As for finals every week in my nursing school is like finals week >_<. Actually, finals week is pretty much a skate b/c we don't have another test to study for afterwards! LOL. But thank you so much for your concern. I just want to do my best! =D