Thursday, February 3, 2011

Inspiration: Stitch Markers

About a week or two ago I got sick of using paper clips as stitch makers (I always lost the cheap ones that I bought from Michaels or JoAnns) but I couldn't find any that I liked in stores.  I've been oogling over stitch markers made on Etsy for months like these.  I especially like these from JL Yarnworks. I couldn't  justify buying them even though I really like JL Yarnworks and she is such a delightful person and I'd be supporting her at least.  But, I have no money. So what to do?
I complained vented to mom about my situation. Somewhere in that vent I ended up saying maybe I could just make them myself. Yea, that'd be cool.  So next day mom and me go to Hobby Lobby and we get a few jewelry making stuff (we already had beads, just needed some hardware), and I got to work.

Here is what I came up with:

I am so ridiculously proud of these!  And they took like no time to make,  a bit of one night!
I roughly used this tutorial.  Mainly I just played with it as I went but did use those tools. =]

So far they fit on needles up to size US 10.5....wait let me see how high they fit, just a sec...
okay they fit over size US 13 but not US 15 (which is okay with me, US 15's hurt my hands lol).

It is jsut so fun to knit with these stitch markers. Whenever I happen to look at them as they pass by on my work (when Iim not super focused on my knitting) I smile. 

What's that? What's on my needles you ask?
Oh, that's just another Aidez. This time for mommy.

I think these stitch markers are really making me knit faster! Look how far I've gotten!

Hope your day is going fantastically!



Anonymous said...

I love this post! Great looking stitch markers. Now, we just have to find a good fastener for crochet work :)
And...whoohoo...look at the progress on the sweater! I am SOOOOO EXCITED....

Anonymous said...

wow! like your new background. you are getting to be an old-fashioned vintage kid. our minds are getting closer and closer together....
hahaha knew you'd like that hahahaha

LeeAnn Schaefer said...

Oh dear...
and I am getting vintage, eek! I'm getting older and older mom! Pretty soon I'll be past the pearls and dresses and I'll be in the flapper era or something haha!
But yeah, I realllly love this background. I saw it and I just gasped and I didn't have to look any further lol.

I'm getting sooo far on your sweater, it's crazy...I wonder how fast I can get it done... =P

Anonymous said...

Pretty awesome