Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Healthful Living Challenge Update

This last week was my first week of the Healthful Living Challenge.
After every day is taken into account I am not permitted to do anything! eek!

Now, because of that it seems as though I totally failed, but I did not!
I am absolutely thrilled with my results in most areas!

Let's take a look...

1. For environment I needed to make my bed ever day and keep my room and bathroom clean...every day.
I did it! Every day I accomplished this goal. 
This is such a big step for me and I was most surprised with how easy and natural it was for me!
(The reason why I'm not permitted to do this motivation is because it is the same for another goal I did not completely accomplish.)

2. Nutrition: For this I needed to eat at least one serving of fruit or vegetables a day.
I almost accomplished this.  I missed on one day!  This was because my thyroid hormone was realllly low and I was not even hungry.  On this day I managed to eat a bagel and later that night, some scrambled eggs.  Now this alone is such an improvement for me!  On a bad day like this I wouldn't be able to eat any bread because it would make me want to throw up and I would only have liquids or sweets because that was all I could really want to eat.
Needles to say, a huge improvement.  I ate what I needed to eat that day, carbs and protein and fat.
...But it wasn't a serving of fruit and vegatables.  On the other days I ate probably up to 3 servings each day! =]

3. Physical:  This is my worst category (which I could have predicted).  I was supposed to do crunches 3 times a week and take the dogs for a walk twice.  I did the crunches but didn't go for a walk with the puppies once.  I'm pretty bummed out about that. I also thin k I could have done better crunching sessions.

4. Dental: I did reallly good with dental.  My goal was to brush my teeth twice a day.  The day I missed we had a leak in our water main and our water was shut off.  I missed the morning.  I could easily say that it was because we had no water but it was really me being lazy and making excuses.  We had bottled water and water in a jug.  I could have done it.  Other than that I really got into a good habit with this one this week!

5. Hydrate: Drink two bottles of water every day.  Now this I did pretty decent on but I didn't accomplish it.  While reading my textbook I found that I should be considering this differently so changes will be made. (Changes made are going to be shown at the end).

6. School:  I accomplished this goal and was able to read for pleasure at Barnes and Nobles Tuesday night! I'm really happy with this goal.  I think it has a great motivation and I think that it reallly makes a difference with my tendency to procrastinate.

7. Work:  I was supposed to submit an application to one place.  Just one.  I contacted my previous supervisor and got permission to use him as a reference...but that is it.  I really do want a job.  I really do want to be useful and to help out my parents. I think that I'm afraid of failing.  I"m afraid to apply and not be accepted, or to mess up at an interview.  I'll really need to tackle this fear next week.  It's such an easy goal and the motivation is the same as my Environment goal so I could have been permitted to do it if I had just accomplished this one little goal. 

Changes that need to be made to my goals:
1. Environment, 2. Nutrition, 4. Dental, and 6. School: none (upgrades after this week)

3. Physical 
This needs to be changed.  I'm sticking with the 3 crunches a week but I need to change the walking dogs.  Instead of that I'm going to say that I just need to have some active activity twice a week because that is really my true goal of walking the dogs and this will give me more opportunities to incorporate this goal into my daily life.  If I accomplish this for two weeks then I'm due in for an upgrade.

5. Hydrate
 While reading my nutrition chapter I learned that most of the liquid intake is (and should) come from what you eat and what you drink.  I have cut soda almost entirely from my diet and drink only tea instead.  So for this I'm changing it to drink only one bottle of water a day and eat three times a day.  (this can/will be small snacks because I have taken to eating about four to five small meals a day and really prefer this.) With the fruit and vegetable servings alone I will accomplish the extra bottle of water!

7. Work
 No change.  If not accomplished this week I'll add another form of motivation to it.

Well, I know that is a lot of stuff.  Thanks for reading.  Any tips or tricks (especially for physical) would be greatly appreciated it!  I'm really happy with how this is going. I feel I'm learning more and more about myself; my limits, my strengths, my random unfounded fears!  I'm so happy with my progress and can't wait till I get my motivations back! ARg!!



Anonymous said...

Maybe you didn't get all your goals..but, as you noted, you have made progress.
I think the bed making thing should be for the WHOLE day...hahaha...from when you get up until you go to bed at night. Those puppy dogs make your bed look unmade all the time! ha!
As you know, the physical part is the hardest for me too. I guess the little things--parking further away so you have to walk, taking steps instead of elevator, playing with the dogs in the back yard--add up. Might have to start small just to get yourself out there.
Know that I'm here cheering for you!
xxxooo mommy

hannah said...

I've started going to the gym on a regular basis in the last couple weeks, and the only advice I can give you is to not make excuses! Go for a short walk, get off the bus a couple stops earlier, anything to get your heart rate up a little. If you can, get a friend to motivate you! Without my workout buddy I would be doing much less weight with way fewer reps. Plus, walking with a friend is much more fun than alone. Good Luck!

LeeAnn Schaefer said...

Thank you so much for your support ladies! =]
I really really appreciate it.

I think you guys are right, it's just about being active all the time, not when I feel like it. I still need to make it a habit. I hope that after this I'll have that habit formed. Like you said mommy, we've got the little things down pretty good, but I need to be more active on top of that.

I'll be keeping your advice in mind Hannah! It's true, all I do is give myself excuses instead of reasons. Thank you!

Maybe I can find a way to incorporate activity into my knitting...I'll have to think on that...

Love, LeeAnn