Sunday, January 16, 2011

Recent adventures in craftiness

Yesterday, while my parents and I were out and about, running errands and such nonsense, we stopped at Hobby Lobby.  I needed a new 12” interchangeable cable because I left mine in Canada on my most recent adventure.  I also needed a 29” cable because of shawl knitting that is/will be going on (11 shawls in 2011).

It just so happened that Hobby Lobby was having quite a sale…
We got some materials to make custom stitch markers.  We also bought a cork board. Why you ask?
Well it has been an ambition of mine for awhile to make an inspiration board for my room.  Here is the result of this simple discount splurge:
DSCF6555 Not bad huh?  I love it!  The fabric for the background is white with a pattern of little pink hearts.
I also took some pictures of finished projects (my first shawl of the year) so I took some more pictures of my Aidez.  Here is one of them:
I’m still holding out for a Canon ESO Rebel Ti or Ti2! Fingers crossed! lol!

Oh, I also organized my stash. =]


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