Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011: A New Perspective

This past year, the year 2010, I have come to learn to accept myself and love myself more than ever before.
I have been physically and mentally limited by my body and I have overcome it. But most importantly, I have emotionally overcome it and grown from it.  


I have perfected my ability to bake cookies.
I have vastly improved on my knitting skills.
I have begun to see that my personal worth is more than the grades I earn.

My limitation are numerous but I have the strength (and admittedly, stubbornness) to overcome them.

I have my mother and father, who love me, spoil me, nurture me and encourage me to keep going.
They stand behind me; watching more than guiding.
They are ready to catch me should I fall and give me a push back up.

I have my boyfriend Vlad, whose patience, smile and unconditional love make this world a beautiful place for me.  He gives me hope in humanity.  Hope for the future of our kind.
Because of Vlad and my parents, I believe that there is still hope that this world can become a better place.


Next year, I will strive: feel even more confident in myself take more steps to becoming a women and a wife not waste a moment of this year make friends with more people and share the joy of living and loving with them.


 To you, my reader,
I wish you a year of struggles and happiness.
I hope that even if you do not overcome all of your obstacles and challenges to come, that you will not give in. I hope that you will not settle for 'good enough.'
Please, strive for the best. Fight with your all for all you can be.

Happy 2011, to you and yours,


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Anonymous said...

And spiritually? My hope for you in 2011 is that you will realize and accept God exists and that Christ died and rose for YOU too.
Forever I love you.
xxxooo love, mom