Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Inspiration

I don't know if I have talked about this subject before on my blog but I have mentioned it briefly on my Ravelry profile page

Well here it is: my mommy is the reason why I love knitting.  
She introduced me to yarn work through crochet when I was in middle school.  It didn't really stick with me because living in Arizona we don't really need that many crocheted afghans (because that's all you can crochet...right?).  So I finally finished my first crochet afghan in high school, followed by another afghan my senior year. Now I'm not really sure what happened next.  I'm pretty sure my mom kept crocheting but not more than usual (which wasn't much).  But eventually we went on vacation for one spring break to Seattle to visit family.  In Seattle my cousin Kathleen took us to a Local Yarn Shop, my first ever.  We were hooked from then on.  In that store I decided I wanted to learn to knit.  However, my parents put in me a firm belief to be more than just decent at a lot of things but to be great in what you can be great in.  
I then began to work on my crochet for awhile and got better at it.  I still didn't know much about yarn but I was fast running out of fun, fashionable patterns. Yet, I still managed an extensive amount of FO's before I decided the time was ripe to learn to knit.

And so it began, I taught myself to knit with Knitting for Dummies. Yes, yes I did.  My first knit project (a ribbed scarf) was claimed by my dad before I even finished knitting it! (p.s. Dad, I need you to take a picture of yourself wearing it when you go to cold country! I have not pictures of it on you!!!)

Since then, I have not gone a day without knitting/crocheting or looking for some yarn project inspiration in months (maybe even a year) and I am still loving it.  I'm still hooked.   I even started a knit/crochet group and host it every month. My mommy has supported me through all of it.  I know I'll always have one person show up to my A Tight Knit Group meeting.  I know I have one person who will always be interested in my current project or a new yarn I discovered.  I know I will always have more to knit because, well, her queue for me is ...extensive, to say the least.  My mommy and daddy have also supported me with this habit financially.  Pretty much every one of my projects is done with yarn bought by them. I am so grateful.

Now why did I write this post at this time?  Well, my mommy is really making some amazing things lately.  She says I constantly encourager her, keeping her crochet bug biting.  Well, she does the same for me.  Just look at what she has been making recently:

A baby set: Blanket, hat and turtle stuffed animal, George.

That blanket...

That turtle!!!

Amazing huh?  
But she also made the regular size version of the blanket and it is simply gorgeous! Here, look!

She has been recently making Christmas decorations; snowflakes.  She is using them to give away as tree ornaments or to decorate a hand made card.

And one of her projects that is simply breathtakingly inspiring to me:
Wow.  Just wow.

A beautiful crochet, lace cardigan.
For me, this cardigan symbolizes the potential that crochet has. 

Currently my mother and I are working on a joint project and it has been an great seeing it take shape. Her enthusiasm has been infectious (which is fortunate for her because I just want to knit my sweater!).  Anyway, look for the finished project post for our joint project which combines both knit and crochet!

Thank you mommy for all of your support, enthusiasm and company. I love you!


P.S.: See Daddy, it's all Mom's fault! =]   Oh, and don't forget that picture!


Anonymous said...

well, now i feel like a smuck for getting mad at this morning. You do know i love you, right? it has been a joy doing things with you, especially buying yarn and making projects. you are quite proficient at knitting and have been making some beautiful master pieces...and it is amazing all you do know about yarn...can't wait to see the finished sweater :)
I love you, daughter.

LeeAnn Schaefer said...

I thought it was interesting that that was the day that the blog was scheduled to post!

I love you mommy. =]

Fruitful Fusion said...

Such beautiful beautiful work!!! Both your mum and you are talented!