Monday, November 29, 2010

Finished Project: Harmony

Size made: One size fits all
Craft: Knit 

Needle used: US 7 ciruclar needles, US 9 circular needles
Yarn used: Crystal Palace Yarns Mini Mochi (used about 2 skeins; 374 yards)
Color: Violet Rainbow
Bought Yarn From: Allyn Knit Shop & Spinning Supply in Allyn, Washington
Use yarn again? Yes but I would prefer a different colorway for myself.  I would also be interested in trying their worsted weight yarn or a rainbow colorway (it looks pretty cool knit up but would be suitable for only a few people or kids, haha).

Project Details and Feedback
Duration of Project: October 5th to November 11th, 2010
Made for: Mommy!  She picked out and bought the yarn for a hat/scarf set.  I decided on this shawl for the scarf part of the set.  The hat is blogged about here.
Modifications: I used a bigger size needle because the yarn was a bit thicker.I also bound off with needles two sizes bigger because I wanted to be sure it wasn't too tight.  I also ended up doing some accidental modifications because somehow, my stitch count got realllly far off in the middle sections (2 and 3),  I ended up fixing the stitch count gradually in Section 4.  I also found that I was running out of yarn fast so I decided to bind off without a ruffle border.  I really wish I could have done the ruffle border but I think it still looks pretty great without it.
Make this pattern again?  I think so...if I have enough patience for it.   I find that the last sections are just so tedious.  Each row takes hours by then.  If I do find the opportunity to do it again I would really strive for the ruffled border because I do like that.

 What I learned/practiced in this pattern: My patience! haha! I also found the way of starting this was very fascinating, check it out sometime!


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