Saturday, July 17, 2010


I'm still going through a tough time. I am still struggling against myself and my physical, mental and emotional limitations every day.  But now, life is easier, though my troubles have not lessened. Vlady is here.  He is in my life again, in person, in flesh and blood.  Though he has always always always been supported, understanding and patient with me, having him here is what really makes a difference for me. 

With him around, it's just easier to smile.
Vlad also helps me remember how to enjoy the simple things in life, like a good book...or Star Wars...
 He also puts up with all of my crazy obsessions, such as knit and crochet.  He is such a great sport and even helped me take some pictures of my just finished knit market bag (FO review to come!)!

So, here's to more smiles and hopefully another month of Vlad time. <3 =]


post script: The July meeting for A Tight Knit Group was this Thursday and it was great!  We had knitters and crocheters, teens and adults, and three lovely mother and daughter teams.  I missed everyone that couldn't make it and hope to see most (if not all!) of you there for our August meeting on August 19th (the third Thursday of August)!

Love, LeeAnn

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