Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Thoughts on the weekend

So, my dad had surgery the end of last week.
All went well, but nonetheless he was FORCED to take it easy this last weekend so that he could heal and not make things worse. So, being the good patient that he is (HA!) he willingly (psssh) stayed couped up in the house all weekend.

Forced to watch T.V. shows of varying degrees of awful movies...if possible...worse, my father trudged on through the weekend complaining of boredom and hunger. (you'd think we were torturing him!)

And yet, becuase of this quarintine my dad was forced to endure, I got to spend some quality time with him. I am glad he got his surgery done. One, becuase he needed it, but two...and the real reason I'm glad...I got to spend time with him. We watched movies and T.V. together. We talked about things. We even watched a couple games of football together! Dad is usually busy with work, or putsin' around the house, never wanting to stay still...and never having to.
But this last weekend, he was stuck...and I took full advantage of it! <3

Thanks dad, for going through with your surgery.

I love you.


Rita Mae said...

Actually, it was very nice you were not holed up in your room sleeping the whole weekend :)

Anonymous said...

Well this is interesting. I did not think I was that bad-----well i guess I was. LeeAnn took great care of me and stayed close to me and always asked " are you OK daddy" or "do you need anything daddy.

actually it was quite nice to have been duck taped to the chair so I would not get up and hurt myself. Why does children & parents miss out on saying how great it is to be together when we are together. For me I will do better.

I had lunch with my LeeAnn today and most of the time I was on the phone on a conference call that was not scheduled to the last minute and of course an emergency. Then I had to leave right after lunch to take care of this issue. I generally do not do this but duty called. I felt bad because I love to meet her for lunch and have one on one time. So LeeAnn I am sorry and will not pick up the phone again when we have a lunch date. I love you tooooo much. Daddy

lrschaef said...

Thanks daddy.
It just kinda sucked...because I was really excited to tell you about anything and everything and show you all the stuff I've been doing and my knitting and all that jazz...
but we have this weekend! =)