Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Parents...oh the things you do

being on the verge of sickness I of course, told Vlad. Then, Vlad being the good boyfriend he is said that he would get me waterrr and souuuppp and anything I wanted if he were here. (awwww)
and I said, "Can I have tomato soup!?"
Vlad: "Of course! Anything you want!" memory kicked in.

Back through the murkyness of memory, I recalled one of the few times I was dreadfully sick. This was a sudden illness and came on in about hour.
Daddy and mommy tucked me in on the couch because they were watching t.v. and I didnt' want to be away from them (yes, I was in highschool and admitted this to them). Mommy placed a wet cloth on my forehead and then they asked if I wanted any chicken noodle soup or chicken broth. I then told them that what I really wanted guess it...tomato soup.

Daddy made me it by slaving over a hot stove. I ate it all!!! It was delicious and nice and warm and completely comforting. I then proceeded to throw it up all over my blanket.

I went to take a shower after that and I felt perfect after the shower!!!!

...Dad then ended up washing my blanket in the laundry, oh...and him and mom cleaned the puke that missed the blanket.

Oh parents, how I love you.
The things you miss in college...


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Rita Mae said...

The funny thing is, this parent does not remember the throw-up times, but fondly remmbers the cuddle bunny that would hop in bed with us. Even at the age of 19, you fluctuate from being our littlest girl to being a young women. I miss my cuddle bunny. But you will ALWAYS be my little girl. xxxooo mom