Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Grades update

For that essay (Essay 2-the reality of things) I got a B+!!!
That's my second B+ paper so far! HORRAY! That's reallly good for me. So because of this, my overall grade in the class is an 89%! wow..! Almost an A!!!

For chemistry I got an 80% on my test, which is a real bummer for me but, compared to the rest of the class...I did really good...which is unfortunate for them.

As for Microbiology, my lab miterm went just as wonderfully as I felt it had! I got a 95% on it! That's FANTASTIC! I haven't heard anything higher than mine yet..but we'll see! =D

So...all in all... my obsessive, never-ending studying served me well in the end! (I do still have my microbiology lecture grade to find out but...that man sucks at posting scores in any decent amount of time!)

The end =D...well...for now =P

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Rita Mae said...

whoohoo! you are an amazing child! Keep up the great work...and start looking for the scholarships! (nag nag) :) mommy