Monday, October 5, 2009

strength in numbers

I have this friend, Andrea, and she is going through a long-distance-relationship right now too. Her boyfriend (who she lived with before) lives in England. She decided to come here, to Arizona for school because our nursing program is up-to-date (unlike England) and very good.
So...she knows how I'm feeling...and she is haven't just as tough as a time as me.

We talked. She is great. We talked about how sometimes we just need a hug and can't get it. She helped me refocus and remember my priorities. My priorites of going to school to have an amazing career and provide for my Vlad and our children (sorry mom but I hope you realize that's what is going to happen).

So, I'm back. I'm going to be strong and not let something small like a couple thousand miles get me down. I'm stronger than that, especially with his help and my friends helping.

I can do this.

Now...about getting into upper division...hahaha!
Only luck on that one I'm afraid, but I'm trudging along!

But that's all...almost off work now and I have to go home and do some homework! Yay?

(p.s. the Latin is going good! I'm on chapter 2 already but i'll need to take a break from it this week...lots on my plate!)

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