Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Shout out to my mom! Hi mom!

So...I'm addressing a complaint from one of my advid readers. My mother.

My mother dearest talked to me for a half an hour last night to discuss possibilities of Vladimir coming to live here.
I'm glad she joked about it that we have a huge talk and I don't mention it but I mention my friend Andrea talking with me, because, yes, it needs to be mentioned.

My mother is ridiculously, incredibly understanding, patient and loving...more than I deserve. =P
She not only puts up with her youngest daughters' non-stop talks of love, marriage, children, moving, school and hopes and dreams that will cause her to move away, but she also supports and loves her. Ridiculous really.

So...all in all, I love you mom and I really do appreciate you and all you do.
Love you! <3

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Rita Mae said...

About time I got some space!
I love you to pieces, daughter.
Ridiculous really. But fact. <3
xxxooo mom