Thursday, October 8, 2009

Just an update

A new perspective..

Concentrate on the fact that:
1. I have a boyfriend
2. My relationship with him can progress
3. He is devoted to me and is faithful
4. He loves me and I love him
5. We have a wonderful, rewarding, and mutually beneficial relationship
6. We know how to communicate our feelings-despite distance, anger (during fights), and my stupid stubbornness
7. We will be married and have a family together
8. He puts up with me...somehow :P

maybe this will help me...realizing how lucky I am...duhh

On another note...
~knitting is going well with the beanie-making progress...I'm at about 5" :) (out of 9")

~School is stressful...but I'm doing good in it :)

~Micro is going good but lab is a lot of work at the moment...we have a midterm next Tuesday...we also have a test in the lecture class on Thursday. I am not yet prepared for it but I am definitely ahead of many others.

~Chemistry is just a mess sometimes...lately. lol I'm not really close to ready for the chemistry test next thursday but I will be working with Jenny today to learn and practice balancing equations and so on. I'll also be going to a review session on Monday before work...bah. But it should help.

~English is going fine, I just need to write out my rough draft. I annotated my passage and have a thesis and rough outline already so it shouldn't be too difficult.

~Latin...haven't had a chance to work on it yet this week. I think it will be more of a weekend thing especially during busy weeks. bah!

Well..that's pretty much it..nothing interesting really =P

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