Thursday, October 1, 2009

A weathered eye on the horizon

So yes, lately I've been emotional. Stress brings that out in me sometimes. And yes, I am terribly stressed...but at least it shows that I care about school and graduating and my relationships with people.

I'm not as ahead as I would like to be in my readings for micro but i am into chapter 7 when others haven't even started chapter 6, so that's comforting.
Lately I've been thinking how much I would love to be like Hermione. I wish all of these things came easy to me and I could read something and retain all of the information.....I'll work up to it I guess =P

Vlad and I decided to learn Latin! =D
I'm very very very very excited about it and can't wait to start! After Latin we'll move on to other language. I'm so glad he has a lot of the same interests as makes things more fun. =)

I'm still trucking along on my first knit cap but i've made more mistakes than I can tolerate so I'm probably going to have to someone I don't see often =P
Oh well!!! It's just practice!!!

Time for chemistry!

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