Sunday, January 1, 2012

My plans for the new year

My Goals for 2012

-4 shawls
-1 sweater for Vlad
-1 sweater for mom
-1 large blanket
-2 baby blankets
-pair of socks for dad
-submit master knitting class assignment before deadline (June?)
-2 sweaters for me
-hand knitted gifts for Christmas for everyone
(without counting the last one the total goal of knitted items equals 13)

-keep a food journal (at the very least until I establish a good eating habit)
-run or be able to run a half marathon by year end
-get the stomach I want (or as close as possible considering my body shape) by year end
-do something active every day
-learn more about types of workouts and fitness information (I'm very uneducated in this area)
-get out of habit of drinking Starbucks every time I go there to study (at the very least only drink hot tea when there; also partly a financial goal)

-Get all A's in my class
-Apply for the equivalent of 2 scholarships a month
-Take 2 summer classes
-Do all readings for my classes
-get a summer job

-read at least 6 books by the end of the year (school textbooks don't count!)
(mainly books I have or series I've started- i.e. wise mans fear, storm of swords, feast of crows, reality is broken, dance of dragons, and inheritance.)

I want to do much better on my blogging this year. Concerning the previous sections my blogging goals are:
  • Each of my finished projects (last year I think I only blogged about half of my FO's!!!) 
  • Track fitness progress by taking a picture for my monthly goal progress reviews to see the changes. 
  • I also want to do more updates on my schooling.
  • A review of each book I finish reading
In addition to those, I want to blog:
-a monthly review of my progress on my goals
-I also want to do more small posts of happy things in my life


Shateen said...

You go girl!! A little bit every day! I gonna keep a calendar with my blog/exercise/etc schedule!

yodafatkitty said...

I am not nearly as ambitious as you! And, that's ok, lol.
I haven't blogged all of my FO's either. I should work on that.
Do you have a way to follow your blog?? I'd follow you if you did....
Remember to take time to relax and enjoy your loved one as well.
Smell the roses, ya know...

LeeAnn Schaefer said...

@Shateen, Thank you! and good luck, let us know how it goes! =]

@ yodafatkitty, if you are on blogger you can follow me by clicking on the "Follow" link that (should) be in the upper left hand corner by the search bar! I just added a Subscribe to me box on the right hand side under my "Welcome Friend" Section, so I hope one of those work for you! =]

And thank you, I think that's my hardest part but I'll do my best to just relax every now and then. =]

Anonymous said...

Very ambitious! Keep the "lists" in front of you that you don't lose sight of your goals. I'm proud of you, daughter! xxxooo mommy

Anne G. White said...

Wow, great goals! Haha, I feel like mine as so much more frivolous than yours. Good luck! :)

hannah said...

You're going to be a busy girl! So long as you stay on top of them, you'll do great! Make sure to reward yourself after completing some of your accomplishments, too (especially fitnessey ones, I found that helped tremendously for me. When I finally made it to running 10k, I treated myself to a fancy new shirt. Small things, but it made me feel like I was actually accomplishing something. Can't wait to watch your progress!

LeeAnn Schaefer said...

Hey Hannah, thank you for the advice about rewarding myself. I think that's something that is really going to help me out.

And to everyone...yeah, this is pretty ambitious...eek! lol!

Kathy said...

thanks for stopping by the blog. I really like your goals for 2012. I haven't really reviewed or set my knitting goals yet. Perhaps I can do that this weekend. You know, after wrapping up Christmas knits!

Anonymous said...

OMGoodness you are ambitious! You must have hella Capricorn somewhere in your birth chart! What a great way to help yourself stay on track with life!