Saturday, September 3, 2011

My first week and some bonding time

Hello all!

I know I said I would update after my first lab class...but obviously that didn't happen! So, I'm sorry for that!
This was my first week of upper division and oh man...what a week it was!

The main reason why I have been so quiet is because I have an exam in one of my classes next weekend.
The exam covers Modules 1-3 and for those who aren't familiar with what modules are...modules are segments of learning, usually one specific subject, that lasts over a week in time.  Thus...I need to take an exam in 4 days on 3 weeks worth of material! O.O
Yeah, really.

But the good news is I am really learning what I need to and I'm really getting a lot done. I think that I will be able to get to a point that I will feel prepared in time for my test.  Which is a say the least.

Because, well, in upper division if you get an average test score that is below 76% then you fail out of nursing upper division. 
Yeah, really!
But enough about my anxiety, because honestly, I'm sure I'm not the only one in my class feeling it.
Actually, I'm positive! haha!

This week in my labs/classes I learned sooooo much stuff!
I learned:
  • how to wash my hands wonderfully
  • how to properly put on and take off gloves
  • how to don protective clothing and when
  • how to make an occupied hospital bed! (Yeah, really! lol)
  • how to give a bed bath
  • how to clean female and male perineal areas
  • how to take someones pulse rate
  • how to measure someones respiratory rate
  • five ways to measure a clients temperature
  • how to take blood pressure
  • how to interview a client when they first are admitted
  • how to provide oral care to a conscious and unconscious patient
  • how to assist a client to using a bedpan
And that was all in the first week of classes! Oh man! How much am I going to learn in a month?!
I'm really enjoying my classes and learning so much.  I just wish it wasn't quite so stressful.

I also wish I could do more knitting. 

I miss my needles <3
Tonight I'm taking a little break from studying to help them feel the love again.  I think we need some quality time tonight! =]

Hope you're all doing great!


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