Thursday, March 3, 2011

Stitch and Bitch Northern Glendale First Meeting

A new Stitch and Bitch Group was started in my area and the leading lady invited me to it on  The first meeting was today and I promised to attend because I know what it's like to start a group and to be nervous as to whether people will show up or not.
I had a lovely time.  It was such a different group of ladies than I'm used to.  My knitting group are ladies I've known all my life or really close friends.  I was really putting myself out there by going (which is something I don't often do in social situations).  I was very proud of myself for going because it was such a good opportunity for growth on my part.

The ladies were all so nice and so wonderfully enthusiastic about knitting and crochet. They were working on such lovely projects, using fantastic knitting terms and talking knitting talk (everything from Ravelry to local yarn shop experiences).  It's so refreshing to be around people who love what you love.  It's a relief to know that the people sitting at the table with you share the same obsession you do with something so simple.  

I feel that the joy of knitting is equal to that of the feeling of loving someone.  You can't explain it.  You can't understand it unless you have experienced it.  
Outsiders to that knitting joy don't understand why we go through so much trouble of knitting something that you can just buy if you want to.  They don't understand why you fret about what you need being as perfect as you can make it.  No one who doesn't understand that joy of knitting would understand why we still knit after a project brings us to tears.

Every knitter who knows the joy of knitting will say that the tears are worth it.  They may each have their own reason but that's the beauty of it.  WE are all so different.  We knit different things, we knit different ways, we have our own strengths and weaknesses, we have our own goals and yet...we're all knitters (crocheters).  We know the joy of finishing something we have made.  We know that feeling you get when you give away something you have put money, tears and hours of work and thought into.  That look on the recipients face, that happy thankfulness makes everything worth it.

I had a great time this morning even though I would never have ever found this group any other way.  I would never have guess that any of them would be a good buddy to hang out with for a couple hours.  But that is what knitting does.  It's a beautiful thing.



Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great time! So glad you stepped out--took a risk--I know how hard that is. Too bad I have to work during the day :( but, hey, nice for you to do things on your own too.
xxxooo mommy

Anonymous said...


You have talent that your Mom and I see everyday in you. It feel very nice inside for us to see that talent coming out. I am very proud of you.


LeeAnn Schaefer said...

Thank you mom and dad. I really appreciate all the encouragement you give me.
Love you two!

Nimblefingerssteadyeyebrows said...

Hi, thanks for visiting and for sharing your knitting and reading. I had a peep at your Rav page, the scarf and shawl look lush! I don't read much fantasy, not since I was a kid and read The Dark Rising Sequence and the Alan Garner books. But then I don't really read many novels now anyway, I'm usually too tired to manage much except recipe books, craft books and The Guardian! Do pop by and see us again soon.
Laura xx