Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Crafty Goodness: itty-bitty toys by Susan B. Anderson

I wanted to start catching up on my posts so this post is about a lovely new knitting book I decided to buy last week.  I present itty-bitty toys by Susan B. Anderson (Ravelry Book Page):

I have heard some amazing things about Susan Anderson's designs so I can't wait to try them out. My first project from this book will be this bunny!
In this picture you can see Mr. Bunny's buddy, Mr. Piggie.  He is another one of my favorite as with the giraffe on the front cover and this guy:

Mr. Hippo!  Isn't he cute?  Here is another picture of him:

Mr. Bunny, Mr. Pig and Mr. Giraffe are all under the section of animal friends.  Mr. Hippo is under the section Sock-yarn toys along with a baby bear and a curly snake.  Other sections include Quick and Easy, Take-action toys, Classic Toys Revisited, and the Reversibles that Susan Anderson are known for. 

I will be sure to let you know if her patterns live up to all the rave (in my opinion) but I am not worried.  I just hope I can make them as stinking cute as the book pictures show them as.

Well that's that! Hope you're all having a great day!


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