Thursday, March 31, 2011

Nature Notebook

As I said in an earlier post I have a lot of posts to catch up on.  As one of the blogs I follow, The Sitting Tree, did a post today on her Nature Notebook and encouraged her readers to do the same. So I took up the opportunity to talk about the weather (haha!) specifically about how nature inspires me.

This was originally going to be a blog post complaining about how spring is pretty much over in Arizona.  I'm seeing blog post from other about how the signs of spring are showing and it has been depressing me.  See, here in Arizona we have spring that lasts about a month at the most. Then we just have hot.  Hot, hot, hot.  So hot that you stay inside for fear of burning into a crisp in under two minutes.

With my disease I simply can not handle heat in any sense anymore. Today marked the second time I had a terrible reaction from simply walking from a coffee shop to my car, then home.  This time I didn't throw up but I almost passed out.  I guess it is a good thing I do want to move to Washington because now it looks like I will have to for my health if this doesn't get better.

I want to share with you some pictures I took this past week of spring in Phoenix.  There are other signs that I simply can not take pictures of because they are are in medians between rows.  I see little wild flowers sprout up there. It's my favorite route to drive because they have big trees in the median and lovely green grass. I think I will have to take a pciture for everyone, so they understand how different Phoenix is from other place.

Anyway, here you go:

Some lovely spring flowers for our kitchen table.
  We also were lucky enough to get a rare rainy day a couple Monday's ago.
Rainy days realllly inspire me. They make me feel cozy and crafty and I also love curling up with a hot chocolate and a good book when it's rainy.  Here is a few pics of that welcome rainy day:
The lovely sound of the patter of raindrops on my window was a welcome change as were our cloudy skies.
I took a few pictures of our usual skies (this was while it was still spring weather-which is summer weather for most) here are our blue skies:
Lovely isn't it?  Let's put the height of our skies into perspective...
Yes, that's from my car.  Here you can see how flat the land is. 
It's a lovely thing.  It really is
Maybe this makes more sense why I make such a big deal that a median I drive by has big trees in it.  The land is sparse but it has such beauty in it's simplicity.  The desert really is a beautiful place but I physically just can't handle it here anymore unfortunately. If you get a chance to visit Arizona please do it! But please only do it in the months of mid-October to mid-March) It really is such a beautiful time in this desert state.

I'll try to keep my eyes open for more nature photos!



Anonymous said...

AUUUGGGGHHHHH! Please keep your hands on the wheel when you drive! YOU scare me!
Sorry you didn't feel well again today--may have to stop Thurs morning get-together if it continues. I love you girlie.

LeeAnn Schaefer said...

1. I do keep my hands on the wheel.
2. Yeah, I don't know, I really like it. =/