Friday, October 22, 2010

Finished Project: Stranding

Size made: One size fits all
Craft: Knit

Needle used: US 4 circular, US 3 dpns
Yarn used:
Color: White: Naturally 0007; Blue: Ocean Spray 0005; Yellow: Soft Sunshine 0003; Green: Green Sheen 0004
Use yarn again? Yep

Project Details and Feedback
Duration of Project: October10th to October 15th, 2010
Modifications: I followed the pattern completely the first time.  I was very happy with the hat part but the ribbed hem just didn't cut it for me.  The ribbing poofed out and it wasn't fitted so I tried to at a single crochet border.  That modification kept the hat on the head more snuggly but the ribbing was still poofing. So, I wasn't happy with it still.  So I took the hem out and tried to change the ribbing to 3x3 and decreased a bit.  This ended up being so tight that it couldn't even get on my head when I finished it. (I think I decreased too enthusiastically!)  However I was trying to stop the ribbing from poofing and it was stilll poofing.  
So I said...enough ribbing!  I looked at patterns on Ravelry and found numerous hats with garter stitch border.  So I tried that and ended up adding about 2 or 3 more rows of than pattern called for to make up for the stretchiness lost in from the ribbing. (I also did not do the increases, I just kept it at the number for the body of the hat.)  
The garter stitch was such a success! I really, REALLY  love how it turned out and I think it is even better than the ribbing looked.  Much cleaner and sleeker looking. It also fits wonderfully: snug but not tight.  This is a Christmas gift to my future sister-in-law and I think she'll really be happy with the final results! Horray!
 (P.S. To change the hem I picked up the stitches above the hem -in the body- and then knit the opposite way to make the new hem[s]. That is why I added no increases -which are decreases in the hem part of the pattern. If you do try it with the ribbing I would just CO the amount of stitches in the body and ignore the decreases.)
Make this pattern again? If I make this again I will make it with the garter stitch border.  I really like how beautiful the color-work is and how simple it is. I also think it is very feminine without being icky girly.  I hope to make one for myself one day.  Oh, this was also a satisfyingly fast knit and interestingly most of the way through.

 What I learned in this pattern: Stranded color work.

....hmmm.... looks like I might block it to see if the stitches will smooth out a bit.


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