Friday, September 3, 2010

Finished Project: Seattle Cap

 Seattle Cap
Size made: One size fits all
Craft: Knit

Needle used: US 7 circular, US 6 dpns
Yarn used: Classic Elite Yarns-LUSH
Color: green: 4474, blue: 4420
Bought at: a LYS in West Seattle, Washington
Use yarn again? Most definitely. This yarn is 50% wool and 50% angora so it is realllly warm.  Living in Arizona means that having limited times in which I can wear something made of this warm material.  Good thing I'm moving...eventually.  I think that wearing these colors in the middle of winter will bring a cheery touch to my outfit and hopefully mood. The blue and green at like pastel colors.  The blue is actually so light that it looks gray on occasion and in certain lighting. I really love these colors separately and together.

Project Details and Feedback
Duration of Project: August 23rd to August 26th, 2010
Modifications: For this I decided to do the stripes different. I started following the  pattern exactly (without looking at the gauge mind you).  I did 8 rows of green followed by 2 rows of blue. Then 7 rows of green followed by 2 rows of blue, and so on. I started my decreasing at 4 7/8".  After all was done the hat was a rather short beanie.  So I took out the ribbing and added 9 rows of green followed by 2 rows of blue. I then finished it off with a 5 row ribbed edging and bound off.
Make this pattern again? I think this is a good pattern to go to for a basic hat.  Keeping that in mind, there is also another hat pattern in this magazine that I want to try so I can compare the two.  This hat wasn't slouchy but was more of a beanie, which is not my preference. However, a beanie is most often requested so I'm glad to know how this pattern looks and works.



Anonymous said...

Nice! I like this yarn too because it is so soft to the touch.

Anonymous said...

Looks cool. you wear a hat very well