Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My day

Well...I'm 20.
I'm soo ollllddd. (just kidding!!)
I had a nice quiet birthday with my parents. I was most definitely spoiled with my presents this year.
(I apologize for the very blurry, sideways pictures...let's just say that the birthday girl was occupied opening presents so I was not the one behind the camera, ha)
There was yummmmmy cake!

A few letters ...
A few presents...
Which turned out to be...
a lovely notebook I had my eye on,
A movie that I have been wanting for quite awhile!
Some lovely TOMS shoes I couldn't bring myself to buy
(Why such close pictures guys?) =]
and...for my knitting obsession! 
(I really can't believe they did this!)
Wow...Boye Interchangeable Knitting!

Thank you, mommy and daddy, for the wonderful gifts but most especially for your presence and love.

Love always, 


Anonymous said...

It was fun, birthday girl! But next year is 21--watch out! xxxooo mommy

Anonymous said...


I glad you liked your day. we do close ups because your so pretty. Big hug to you,

I love you,