Monday, June 21, 2010

My 101st post.

It's been awhile...

These past (almost) two weeks have been tough for me to do anything other than sleep.  Howeverrr, I have gotten some things done
My herb 'garden' I planted has grown from this
to this:
As you can see my oregano and parsley are growing wonderfully but my cilantro is having some difficulty.  I'll have to look up stuff and see if I'm doing something wrong with my cilantro.
I just started this week to get into knitting/crocheting again. 
I made this eyemask for myself because it's been bright at night lately.
It is just a prototype and once I get it to be like how I really want it then I'll write up a pattern.
I also am working on a baby blanket for my godmothers daughter.  I just found out she is due at the end of July so I'm making a basic blanket. I wish I could have had time to make something really classy but this yarn is pretty adorable:
This is just a basic dc stitch but I hope to do a nice shell border after it's all done.
One more thing that happened is I received word last Thursday(?) that I was accepted into the upper division of my nursing program.  This means that I will be continuing my education towards becoming a nurse. I am very excited about this and now I only have two and a half years left until I can start paying back my parents! haha! I have a lot to do in the next month and a half to prepare for upper division.  I have to get a whooole bunch of vaccines and fill out a bunch of paperwork and all of that jazz. 

Oh, and my boyfriend is coming to visit me.  I pick him up tomorrow.
eek!!! horray!! yippeee!!!
=] <33  I've missed him terribly.  He will be staying for almost two whole months.  It's going to suck when he leaves again but now that I am accepted into upper division we are officially one step closer to being together permanently. <33

ps: I have a lot of finished objects to post that I need to get to!

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