Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wishes of my heart

I've been having some trouble lately.  I've been sleeping and I can't seem to sleep enough.  I'm at the point were I will sleep a full night sleep and take at least 4 hours worth of naps during the day (usually all one big nap).  A couple days ago I slept all night, all day (expect about 5 hours at night when my parent were home) and the entirety of the next night. makes no difference. I a glass of iced tea last night for dinner and fell asleep for about three hours. Then I woke up and drank two more glasses of iced tea and slept all night until 11:30 this morning. (Which really sucks because I wanted to get up at about 7:00 and start getting some work done.)

Now all of this time I have been simply sleeping is really putting a halt to a lot of things that I want to work on and get done.  I wish I could just not sleep or not be tired and I don't know how to do it.   (My dog just insanely wagged his tail in his sleep =) How cute!) I don't know if it is because of my Hashimoto's (but it probably is). I do know that I am having trouble getting all of my homework done, my chores around the house done, my knitting done (or even started), and even my laundry is having a hard time getting cleaned.

I really feel quite overwhelmed.  I'm worried that if I do get into the upper-division nursing program that if this isn't fixed...I won't really stand a chance.

I wish I could do so many things, but I have no time because all I ever do is sleep. Then, when I'm awake, I usually have no energy to do anything (even knit!). I wish I could garden, I wish I could knit and crochet. I wish I could take pictures. I wish I could go on walks with the dogs or even hiking.  I wish I could wake up before 9:00 am if I wanted to. I wish I could get all my homework done with plenty of time to spare. I wish I could do all of my chores and responsibilities around the house so I wouldn't disappoint my parents.  I wish that I could even seriously consider looking for jobs at the moment with the idea in mind that I would be able to handle working without sleeping all the time I'm not working.

I just wish this would get better so I could be me.

Love, LeeAnn


Julie said...

I assume you've been to the doctor to get checked out for mono, or chronic fatigue syndrome? Assuming you have and there is nothing physically wrong with you, then I have a suggestion- exercise. Cardio, specifically. Getitng out there and getting your body moving will give you energy, guaranteed. Try it, it works.

LeeAnn Schaefer said...

I have Hashimoto's disease (hypothyroidism). Here's a link with information about it:

Yeah, I was thinking of trying some exercise and I was planning on starting by taking the dogs for walks. =] (just another way for me to spoil my babies!) I'm going to have to try and convince my parents to go with me and to keep me accountable to it. =]

Thanks for your suggestions. I'll definitely keep that in mind.