Saturday, May 22, 2010

Phoenix Farmer's Market

This morning I was honored with the presence of my parents at the Arizona Farmer's Market. I love going to this place. Everyone there is nice and there are so many unique and interesting characters and products.  I especially love going to this place when I get to 1. go with my parents and spend time with them looking and pointing and touching everything and 2. when I am wearing a new creation that I have just made!

so...saving the best for last...
I love getting compliments on my finished works. It always inspires me to keep going and make more (especially for myself, which is something that most crafters don't do).  The first time I got a compliment was with my blue South Bay Shawlette.  Today I wore my Lelah Top and I got no less than three wonderful comments which led to two conversations about Ravelry and our current projects and yarn we have!
Now, that is something I don't experience a lot.  Especially considering one of the conversations was with someone maybe 5-9 years older than me.  (I know it seems like that is a big age difference but in my experience, anyone under 30 is a  young knitter or crocheter.) I'll post pictures and finished project information of my Lelah Top sometime this week but for now...I want to discuss the "1."

Spending time with my parents at the Farmer's Market is one of those "our thing" things.  It's something that only daddy, mommy, and me share.  I love it.  We're always to busy to take pictures at the market, there's always so much to look at and so much going on and so many people to talk to, but I took pictures of our loot when we got home! Here they are:
Celery (the biggest celery I have every seen and it smells sooo goood!)
Chili's for dad!
HUGE tomatoes for daddy too!
Peas or beans or something...all I know is they're good. haha!
Yummy bread for all of us!
Mommy grabbed some honeysticks! I think it's for the grandkids (my niece and nephew) coming over tomorrow but I'm hoping she's going to give me one! =] Made by Absolutely Delightful.
Yummmmy tortillas! My favorite kind!
Cage free eggs!
and...the whole reason why I needed to go to the market:
Hand made soap! mmmm, smells sooo good!
Made by: Kari Bower (she's sooo nice!)

Well...that's all for now! =]



Anonymous said...

You are way tooo funny! Who took the tomato picture? Roxie? hahahaha! I love you kid. Going to the Farmers' Market was fun :)

LeeAnn Schaefer said...

Nope, I took it! =]
[there is a timer on my camera]

I love you tooo

ps. next weekend?!