Sunday, May 16, 2010

Welll, hello there!

So much to say!

The first meeting for my knit and crochet group that I started took place last Thursday and it went fantastically, if I do say so myself! Here is my update on the first meeting that I made on the blog for A Tight Knit Group. click click!

Here are some pictures...

This is our inspiration it was the first meeting, all the objects on this table were made by either my mommy or me.  I can't wait till more projects are finished int he group so they can be shown off on the inspiration table!

We also made goals and wrote them on a post-it note and stuck it to the board! I am really excited about this part of the group and I believe that our group is really going to be a great support system for each of us achieving our goals, whether from inspiration or help on the pattern.  I'm so excited to see how everyone does at reaching their goals! Yes, I made some too!
Here are mine: Knit: complete a lace project by the end of the year; Crochet: make a piece of clothing by the end of the year (can include, but not limited to, shirt, sweater, skirt, shorts). EEKKK!

Speaking of by the end of the year...I CAN NOT believe that it is May already! jeeeze...where did the first four months of the year go?!

Because it is summer, I am, of course, in summer school.  Summer school in college is not a negative thing though in elementary and high school it certainly is.  No, in college it is either a necessity in graduating on time or a necessity in keeping a schedule during summer or keeping the discipline of college fresh. The class I am taking right now is actually a required class that I needed to take this summer in order to apply for my upper division.  I am actually enjoying it at the moment and feel that I am going to do great in it.  I am also thinking of taking another summer class at the local community college for the second half of the summer as this class only lasts for the first 8 weeks.   Yes, I have four months of summer.  See why we need to take summer classes to keep the discipline fresh? ha!  I honestly can't imagine how terribly difficult it would be to have a four month summer and then go strait into upper division...I doubt I would last the first semester if I did. I'll have to look at those classes for the second half of summer soon! =)

On another note, my first shirt is in the process of being made.  It is a knit project and I'm not sure whether I should count it as my lace project goal or not because I was planning on doing a shawl for that goal...we'll see though...  This is the click!! And here is my project page for it so far... click click!! I hope to update the pictures tomorrow. I'm about three inches away from changing needled and making the part that goes over the boobies. =]  This is by far my most outrageous project so far and I do hope that it fits and that it goes well and covers everything up properly... I really would prefer not to have to give this one away...I'm really falling in love with it.

Oh, and today I visited my brother and his kids.  He looks a lot better than usual and he seems to have more peace of mind.  I hope things keep looking up for him because I do love him! =)

Well...That's all I will ramble with for now. I'll try to post some updated pictures of my Lelah Top!


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