Thursday, September 24, 2009


Right now I am very frustrated. I'm frustrated with the nursing colleges need for perfection, the fact that Vlad doesn't live here, and knitting takes so long!!!!

Crocheting is just sooo dang easy and fast. Is it because I stared out crocheting or is knitting really that tough? >=(
but I ammm determined! I will conquer and I will master this knitting..thing..

I saw a girl the other day here in Starbucks and she had many many deep cruel looking acne. This girl was beautiful. Fit and athletic looking with beautiful face features, hair and casually cute clothes. She wore a hat. I could never see her eyes. She never looked up really. She looked strait ahead and a lower angle that just horizontal. I could just see her doubt in herself seeping from her. I would bet that she is intelligent and nice but because of this one 'flaw' she doesn't stand out. She doesn't catch peoples eyes or have confidence in herself.
I don't like our society. To make people feel defeated with 'flaws' that they can't control.

I wish we could actually like people without having to like how they look first.

Jenny told me something her friend said the other day (her friend has a sister that has down syndrome).
"If everyone in this world had down syndrome, it would be a happy place."

What is a mental illness.
I think that society has a mental illness (if a mental illness is a negative thing).

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