Monday, September 28, 2009

le sigh...

So..I don't want to get all gooey and gushy and stuff but...
I really truly miss Vlad.

I don't know how much longer I'll be able to handle being away from him. I talk to him everyday and even see him but I guess I just can't be pleased. I'm too needy, or too in love...take your pick, both are probably true.
It has only been a little bit over a month and I am getting completely ridiculous. I randomly cry (which is completely embarrassing to me and entirely out of character) and I think I'm getting moody...which just sucks entirely.

We're considering whether or not to get married so he can get his citizenship and work or go to school here in the states and we can be together...or...if we should keep trying to hold out.

But this is all uncertain talk spawned from a need for change, something different...something more.

I do love him.

On a lighter note....
I'm going to study micro for the rest of the night now and I will be posting pictures of a hat I made for my friend Andrea on Friday.

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