Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Friday....oh wait...only Tuesday :(

Sooooo....today I had a headache for most of the day but my classes were okay :)
I saw Andrea and got to talk to her and sit next to her in Micro (she is a friend from last semester). I was glad to see her. I didn't know if she decided to go back to England or not.

Nothing really eventful happened today. I did laundry (at last!!!!!) so I now have all clean clothes and I am really excited about that!

I'm really thankful for my friends today. Jenny and Brea and Vlad. They make things better...lots better and they don't even know it :)

I worked on my scarf for Vlad today and I think I'm going to hit the bed early. I'm excited about tomorrow. I love my classes! (compared to previous semesters) I really think I am going to enjoy my micro class (unfortunately no Micro on Wed.) but I do get to do Micro homework!!! w00h00 lol

Well...that's my Tuesday :)

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