Monday, August 31, 2009

Lazy day and headache

Today was...uneventful.

All morning I just made a hat. I made the Divine hat (crochet). Admittedly I am very happy with the results and I am also glad I didn't just sit around and do nothing.
Vlad and I both worked long shifts tonight so that worked out great. I am currently at my work...doing homework. haha!

I have an essay coming up that I will need to write for my ENG 218 class (writing about literature) and I am trying to think of a book to write it on. I need to pick a book that I believe is literature and support why.

It should be pretty easy but I'm a perfectionist so it will be very difficult for me! lol.
Well...back to the homework. Can't wait for bed already! I've got a headache. :(

p.s. here is some pictures of the hat i finished today

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