Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday oh Sunday


Today, unfortunately, my daddy was traveling so I didn't get to hang out with him. However, I was able to spend my time with mommy instead and we had a girls day.

We went to church first and there we had our neighborhood ministries event. Looks like we had a good show and we had a lot of great conversations while just sitting there. Mommy was crocheting a basketweave baby blanket (her second one!) and I was knitting. I was working on the Ravenclaw scarf (PoA style) which I will be giving to Vlady for Christmas (hopefully...if I get it done).
Here is the pattern for the scarf: atypically.knit
Mommy is doing a pattern from lion brand but changed it from bulky yarn to worsted yarn (so it would be smaller, perfect for a baby blanket) to see this pattern you will have to get a free membership with but it will be is the link: Basket Weave blanket

So after we went to Wal-mart and mommy very kindly bought me some stuff for my dorm room. :) Then we went to Frys and shopping :(...bahh... but it wasn't that bad and mommy bought me lots of grubbbb. (I ended up talking a lot...I'm surprise mom didn't just get annoyed with me haha). We then when home and hung out.

It was nice. I like days that I get to spend with just mom or just dad. It is also nice to be with both of them. It's tough being away from home during the school year sometimes but I know that it is for the better. I always seem to be able to concentrate better at the dorm and I get a lot of my work done. But, I do get to go home a visit my parents on the weekends. Something many students never get to enjoy.

I am going to be working with Crochet Cable Stitch Scarf and I hope that it will turn out as nice as I envision it to! :D

School again this week. I like my classes and kinda look forward to just gets really tedious and stressful by the time Thursday comes around. But I have Jenny and Brea and Vlad (and mom and dad too) and they help me out lots!

Oh!! I'm also looking at learning how to knit socks! :D

Oh!!!! and I think it's finally time for me to buy a pair of TOMS Shoes!!!!

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