Saturday, August 29, 2009

Rambling number one


There are many layers to me. Many secrets. Many hopes and dreams.

Since this is my first post I will put up some information to give an idea of who I am.

I'm a nursing student at ASU. I want to be a nurse because of the job flexibility, stability and pay. I want to be a nurse because I can help people by doing this. People of all ages, races, religions, builds, and backgrounds. I hate people. I love persons. I love interacting with a person (or very small group). I always learn something new about a culture and about myself. I hate people because as a whole they are stupid, rude, and ignorant. I would love to be proven wrong about this.

My hobbies include reading, crocheting, knitting, and playing video games. I have become quite a loner in the past year or two because I have decided I am going to move so I do not go out of my way to make friends. Many people can not understand my choice, but I am very happy with it. I will be moving out of this terrible Arizona heat (which is why my hobbies are all in-door activities) to the beautiful state of Washington. I can't wait! However... I must, because it will be years until I can.

I love to read. I am not an extremely fast reader...however...I read NON-STOP. I love to read. Anything and everything. Lately I have been obsessed with fantasy (i.e. Eragon Inheritance series and a Star Wars that takes place after the sixth movie).

I crochet. Not a common trait of a nineteen year old college girl (as far as I know). I have known how to crochet since I was about 12 but I have just recently gotten into it. I am also teaching myself to knit and am slowly working my way to more complicated things.

One more important aspect of my life is my boyfriend. I am in long distance relationship with Vlad. He lives in Canada. :( It is hard to be away from him but in the end it will be worth it when we're together. Oh, and I love him. =P

That's if for now. <3

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