Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Victoria Day Weekend

In the states we have a long weekend coming up but for the Canadians up here in British Columbia celebrated a long weekend with Victoria Day.  It celebrates something about the capitol city, or about the queens birthday it's named after, I've heard both! lol!

The point is, for the weekend Vlad and I visited his dad, Vlad (yes, the same name. My Vlad would be a fourth but they gave the Vlad's different middle names, I like the tradition actually).  Vlad and his dad really love going to movies so while we were there Mr. Vlad took us to The Dictator and to The Avengers.  I liked them both. I was really disappointed though that The Dictator didn't make fun of Americans and stupid things we do more like the advertisements led me to believe.  It is about time we get some of those movies circulating. As for the Avengers, no complaints whatsoever! Very good!

So here is some pictures of our beach adventure. Mr. Vlad is native and grew up around animals and hunting them so he taught me quite a bit of cool things about the marine animals we saw.  And he really could read the weather, maybe it's just because I am not used to their weather but I was impressed, ha!
So, here are the pictures!

(In the last picture if you click and make it larger you might be able to see the two black figures on the beach. They were two bald eagles sitting on the beach! So cool!)

I hope you all are having a wonderful week!


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Anonymous said...

Great update! Thanks. Still missing you...that will stop soon, won't it? :(
xxxooo mommy