Friday, May 18, 2012


Hello everybody!!!  

You're looking at a new Level 3 nursing student! 
That is right! I passed!

I was worried there for a bit, if I would.  They weren't joking when they said Level 2 was hard.
I didn't meet my goals for getting all A's, but that is still a goal I will work for for Level 3.
For Level 2 the first 8 weeks I earned a 91.14%, and for the second 8 weeks I earned an 86.03%. Which translates into a B+ and a B-.

I'm a bit unhappy that I didn't get A's but I feel that I did do my very best and, well, that's all I can do.

In other news, I am currently in a Starbucks in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada!
That's right! I'm visiting the boyfriend.  
(By the way, Port Coquitlam is pretty much right next to Vancouver.)

Here is a picture of Vlad, he says hi.
These are pictures of us on a hike, which then turned into a jaunt around town. All said and done we ended up walking for 4 hours with a 30 minute break to eat some lunch at A&W.  According to my ipod I walked over 13,500 steps on that journey alone!  The incredible thing was I wasn't sore at all the next day.  I feel that this was such a strong indication of my huge progress. I have never walked so much for so long at such a fast pace in all of my life (as far as I know).  On top of that, Vlad said I look way more fit that the last time he saw me (which was last Christmas).  
I'm just so very happy to see my determination paying off.  All of those hikes with Erin and Roxie, and walks with Dad. Then my new found addiction to Fat-free cottage cheese (which they don't seem to have real cottage cheese in Canada, sad panda!).  I just feel so proud of myself.  I'm down to 142 pounds or so.
My next step is to continue what I am doing.  I need to do more squats and sit-ups on a daily basis and to be sure that I don't miss a day. Then I feel I should work a bit more on my Starbucks intake (though it has improved tremendously) and overcoming a craving. Most of my problems come from a lack of self control.  I know I have much farther to go, but I am so ecstatic by my improvement so far and how good I look in shorts lol.

Another thing that has to do with being more self-controlled is doing my master knitting class working. I've slowly been working on it recently but I need to get a move on it!  Another thing I need to do is suck it up and sign up for my summer classes!  I will have that finished by next week! =]

I hope to be back tomorrow with more pictures of our adventure on PoCo (Port Coquitlam) Trail and I need to do a post about my medical adventures so far this year.  See you soon!


P.s. I want to thank everyone for their support during this semester.  I really appreciate it and I love you guys!


Anonymous said...

Finally, a blog post! Whoohoo level 3 student!! I know you felt the struggle, especially since spring break. You did great girl and I am SO PROUD OF YOU! Love you to pieces..and although I'm glad you are having a great time in BC, it's a lonely place without you.
hugs & kisses

Hazels Crochet said...

congratulations, I know even if you didnt get your goals but you got to level 3, that is awesome!! :D