Sunday, October 23, 2011

Treatment after death

I have an old FO and a new FO post (buttons on as of ten minutes ago! lol) to give you this coming week...I hope!  I also have a few other posts I want to put up, everything from my final grades for my first two classes of nursing school and my experience at the State Fair with lots of pictures!

However, I just wanted to pop in a post a reaction to things going on it Libya so that in future years I can see how I felt. 

Gaddafi is dead.

Now, I'm not sure how I feel about that.  I am definitely not surprised. But as I watch the news (Al Jazeerah English) I feel a mix of emotions.

Here is a video at the beginning of the day.  It shows one of the first reports of how Gaddafi's and two other bodies are for display to the public.

This is the video that is really affecting me in particular...

I think the major thing that disgusts me is at 1:08 on the video a man stoops down to take a picture of himself with Gaddafi.
Personally, I find that appalling.

I know that this man did awful things.  Nonetheless, he was still a man, a human being, a father and a grandfather.  Just look at this video:
(I know, another one, but it's only the first minute and you will see what I mean.)

I am torn between the views expressed in the first video, about how humane they are treating his body compared to what it deserves, verses the last video and what it shows of the man.

Despite the need for closure on many Libyans part, I feel that this person, Gaddafi is still a man and deserves the same rights as every other man. Even if he didn't show others that when he was in power.  I think this was an opportunity wasted by the Libyan society to show how they are better then Gaddafi was.

And as for that man in the second video at 1:08...maybe he just doesn't get it ...rather that just not caring.

Thank you for reading. 
I know it is not the most pleasant material but I would love to hear your thoughts.


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Vladimir said...

It's interesting what's going on in the world lately. I do agree with you about that one video at 1:08 it is appalling. At least it's only a picture though, not like he's defiling the corpse in any way. Still it seems a little much.

Of course it's all well and good for us to look at this, removed from the situation. If we had been living there under his tyrannical rule for 40 odd years we might look at it differently. Probably lucky there's only been pictures and videos so far. It's probably a good thing for the people to see his body though.

Anyway, hopefully no one does defile it. That would just be pointless and.. wrong. The man's dead, doing anything further to him won't solve anything. Now would be the time to work on undoing everything he did wrong. Anyway, very interesting.