Thursday, August 18, 2011

Father/Daughter Hang out day and a Quick Update

Just wanna say a few things so you all know I haven't forgotten about you!
Last week daddy and I were able to hang out for the day! It was really great.  We went for a long walk with the dogs and then went to my school to pick up some of my books for the next semester! woohoo!  We walked around the campus and I showed him all of the changes that they are making.  There is construction completely covering the campus, you have to walk all the way around the outskirts of the campus to get to the other side if you park on the wrong side or have multiple locations (ask me how I know!) 
After that we went to see The Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Wow. It was simply fantastic.  I am a Planet of the Apes fan and grew up watching not only the original ones but the awful squeals too! haha!
I think this movie would be a perfect opportunity for opening discussion and debate.  I can see parents taking their teen kids to it and discussing all of the ethical issues that are brought up.  There are tons, everything from animal testing to what makes (constitutes) a human (i.e. language, intelligence, etc.), and much more.  I think this is just such an opportunity to take advantage of, even in a school environment.  
However if you're not into all that thinking deeply junk then this is also a fantastic movie! ha!  It has a good mix of action and story line.

So thank you dad for such a great day.  It was really fun and I really enjoy hanging out with you.

On other news I am knitting and crocheting! I swear!
I am currently working on a lot of projects at once and so that's why I'm not getting any finished project posts up.  I do have a few projects I haven't posted but I haven't taken pictures for them or I want to get some additional pictures than what I have now.

I've also been working on an educational class for my knitting skills and knowledge.  I'll give more information on it when I get more into the process.

Hope you are all doing wonderful!



Anonymous said...


I had a great day with LeeAnn. I had the VIP tour of her campus and I think I saw the building that I bought (-:

I really enjoyed our time together one on one.

Thanks LeeAnn

Love you,

LeeAnn Schaefer said...


I love you too daddy!