Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Finished Project: Remember

Size made: 25" x 48.5" (Lap Blanket)
Craft: Crochet

The Tale
In my senior year of high school my grandpa was in the hospital awhile, preparing himself for his final journey. I went to visit him and talk with him and my dad almost everyday. While there I would work on crocheting a ripple afghan. I had made a fair amount of progress until I finally gave it up for a bad job (my gauge…if I had done one, would have been really off).
I haven’t used this yarn for anything since then. Even though it is very simple red heart yarn; it was irreversibly linked with grandpa in my mind. I wanted to make something with this yarn, I didn’t want it to go to waste. However, I want to give it to someone who can really appreciate what this yarn means to me, even though it is such cheap yarn.
I decided to make a lap blanket for my dad out of this yarn as a birthday gift.
I hope that every time he uses it he will think of fond memories of grandpa.

Hooks used: J and K
Yarn used: Red Heart Yarn Ltd.
Color: white, light tan, dark tan, dark brown
Bought yarn from: Wall-Mart (?-years ago!)
Use yarn again? Not if I can help it but I will be making more projects with the rest of the leftover yarn.

Project Details and Feedback
Duration of Project: October 4th, 2010 to January 17th, 2011 
Made for: Daddy
Modifications: Chained 138 with K hook, and worked the rest of the pattern with a J hook.
Make this pattern again? Yes but there are also tons of other blankets I would like to try. Definitely a project you can re-do and still enjoy.

Thoughts on this project: This took a long time only because it was my off-and-on crochet project from October to January 10.  I did only about 8 rows in all of that time.  From January 10th to the 17th I finished the rest of it very quickly.  This was a really fun project and I really like how it looks.


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Anonymous said...

Love and respect both of these guys. Wonderful tribute, LeeAnn. You are a special lady. xxxooo mom