Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Finished Project: White Christmas

So I finished another of these hats because well, I really liked this pattern.

White Christmas
Project Details and Feedback
Duration of Project: December 23rd to December 24th, 2010
Modifications: For this one I CO 68 for a tighter fit. It fits wonderfully and isn't too tight on me, just snug.  The CO 68 means I needed to change the "Next Round" to K32, k2tog, rep.


Anonymous said...

Really like your color choices on this hat! Looks really great!
xxxooo mommy

Anonymous said... spelled the title

LeeAnn Schaefer said...

Thank you!
I fixed it! I find that my fingers always get overexcited when I type Christmas. =P

Anonymous said...

I understand that completely!
xxxooo mom