Monday, June 21, 2010

Finished Project: Small Backpack

Small Backpack
Pattern: based very loosely off Dancer's Sling Bag (My Ravelry Project Page)
Size made: one size fits all (but if there was a size it would be small
Craft: Crochet and sewing 

Needle used: H (5.0 mm)
Yarn used: Loops & Threads Impeccable Solids
Color:  Lavender
Bought at: Michael's 
Use yarn again? Yes

Project Details and Feedback
Duration of Project: May 4th to May 6th 2010
About this pattern: This was a mother's day gift.  Mommy requested I make her a small backpack like this one.  I could not find a good crochet pattern (I would not have enough time to knit it) so I decided to make it up as I go. When making this pattern I kept in mind that I wanted mom to use this when traveling (instead of a fanny-pack).  I sewed an inner pouch so that the contents would be unknown to anyone but mom.  I also made the straps so they fit specifically to mom and fit the backpack to the small of her back.  I also put the pocket in the lining very low so that if anyone does get their hand in the opening there will be nothing within easy reach (keeping in mind people that like to steal from tourists). This is definitely not my kind of bag. I made this for mom.  It is inspired from a granny square and has a shell border and it's very purple.
 Modifications: This is taken from my Ravelry project page.
I started off trying to do the Dancer’s Sling Bag (found on Raverly) but the motifs instructions were rather difficult for me to understand so I used the beginning of the pattern which is as follow:
Ch 18
Row 1: Dc in 6th ch from hook, (ch 1, skip next ch, dc in next ch) 6 times
Row 2: Ch 4, turn. Skip first dc ch-1 sp, dc in next dc, (ch 1, skip next ch-1 sp, dc in next dc) 5 times, ch 1, skip last ch-1 sp, dc in last dc.
Row 3-7: Repeat row 2
From there I continued that pattern until it was as long as I wanted it (counting for both back and front of bag)
Then, using the same pattern I added 3 rows lengthwise on both sides to make it wider.
After that I did shells on the border (because my mommy loves shells ha). After I did one row of shells I was at the end of the row and started to do sl st in each shell dc (which made the edge of the bad) until I was about halfway down and then I started another row of shells (this makes the bottom bigger). I then sl st those shells together.
Then I added the little noches on the both sides on the top and bottom (seen in the second picture).
I sewed (sp? ha!) an inside lining with a pocket and straps with the beautiful fabric that happened to match wonderfully. I really lucked out with that fabric!
I put buttons on the straps more for decorations than use.
What would I do different?
I would probably make this bag wider. The reason why it isn’t is because I was working with a very limited amount of yarn (this yarn was actually used for another project and mom said she loved the color so I was seeing what I could do with the limited yarn amount). There was probably about 1/2 to 3/4 of the skein left (more on the 1/2 side in my opinion! haha)

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