Monday, February 1, 2010

My Last Weekend of January 2010

This weekend for our father-daughter time, Daddy and I went to our friend, Maynard's house and picked his grapefruit tree! I had an absolutely fabulous time joking around with Dad, climbing the tree, picking its fruit, and talking to Maynard!  I really enjoyed it and the time flied by! We ended up with about 4 boxes of grapefruit (even after Maynard took a bunch for himself!)


So...we tried to find uses for the excess of grapefruit supply! This worked great. Sitting in the front room we now have a smell of a hint of citrus. It's very refreshing! =)


Here is my handsome helper! (Okay..manager haha!)

I also got around to knitting this weekend. Here is the beginning of one of my projects!


And here is my little helper/companion, Roxie! 
She's such a lady!  I think I love her company more than she likes mine. =)


My focus for this week? Finish up two (GASP) yarn projects, while working ahead on my school work!
Wish me luck!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Love the blog. Love the pics. Very creative :) Love YOU! mommy xxxooo