Thursday, January 7, 2010

Just Reallly Quick...

Just a quick update because I have been slacking.

Two reasons for slacking include:
  1. I started school at Grand Canyon University this week
  2. I was enjoying Vlad and his presence and his laughter.
Grand Canyon University is going good.  I like it.  I think the toughest thing for me this semester will be the fact that everyone, (the teachers, students, advisers) like to make friends with you and make a community. Now to anyone else that would be fantastic and admittedly, it isn't a bad thought.  However I have been trying for a long long time to stay as unattached to Arizona as possible because for over a year now I have known that I will be leaving this state for Washington. To me, anything that creates an attachment to here is another setback.  I just don't want to regret not going, not trying, and I'm already struggling with the fact that I will be leaving my parents here...though I am trying terribly hard to get them to come with me. Love you guys.

Vlad returned today. Bah Bah Bah.  It's just a bad situation, being away from him for so long, especially this time because everything is so uncertain right now for both of us we don't know if we will be able to see each other in the summer. If we do then it will only be two weeks because if I (hopefully) get a job, then I'll be new and will only have some much time off, same for Vlad.  However right now it seems almost certain that I will be going to his place for Christmas this next year.  Exciting..and sad.  Guess I will see how I do away from my parents for holidays. =( three beautiful weeks with Vlad were nothing short of wonderful and I miss him terribly already, but now it is time to buckle down on school (if my bloody books would just get here already) and time to really concentrate on my health.  I NEED to eat healthier and I would love to start running.  We'll see how that happens with my schooling (because I think I will be struggling quite a lot with school at GCU because I will actually be learning).

Love you Vlad, Mom and Dad!


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Anonymous said...

Didn't realize you were updating since the heart pic was at the top...thought that was part of the blog and would move down as you added new stuff....anway....
Love your thought process. Love reading your blog--even if I don't always like what I read. haha
Only good thing on this end if you go to Christmas in Canada in 2010 is that I won't have to spend DAYS putting up and taking down decorations! And yes, it will be telling--to see how you do away from us, and us not having you at home :( And I can tell you right now, it's gonna suck!
Keep up the great study habits and I'm sure you will do great. Building relationships, even if you are moving out of state, is a good thing. Friends don't always have to be forever. But, if you are lucky, some of the friends you make in college will be special ones you will want to keep in contact with--and will provide places for you to go visit on vacation or call to just to catch up with--and they you! ;-)
Love you, princess.