Tuesday, December 8, 2009

You have got to be kidding me USA.

Yesterday was the 68th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.
The only things that I heard of this was 1. a joke on a Facebook status post, and 2. a short article from Aim.com (which I read at 12:30am on the 8th).

So am I the only one that didn't see anything from our country in response to this day of remembrance?

So...in honor of the 68th anniversary of Pearl Harbor:
This is the address that Franklin Delano Roosevelt gave to the Nation following the attack and his plea to congress to declare a state of war.
~Washington post - this is a small slide show of pictures of the remembrance that took place was the WWII memorial in Washington.

So Obama, what did you do for it? Send 30,000 troops over to Afghanistan? (though we did need more help over there) The only think I heard you do was "lower the flags to half staff" ...isn't that what you're supposed to do in the first place?

But, this isn't about Obama. This isn't about the media either...because that would just take too long.

No, this is about our generations not being able to appreciate values such as bravery, sacrifice, brotherhood, pride, love of country, honor, truth, etc.

Are these values lost forever? Will we ever get them back?

I certainly hope so. =(


Anonymous said...

I didn't notice any rememberances either. Those values are not lost in some families, some people. And it is up to those of us, LeeAnn, who have had those values instilled in them to pass them on to our children and grandchildren and all the people we touch.
And yes, I am missing your grandpa too. And my father. All those splendid people of WWII, and those that have served, are serving, and even will serve, thank you for your sacrifice.

lrschaef said...

Yes, there are still people that have these values, but unfortuantely they are few and far between. Ah well...let's hope that survive of the fittess allows us to prevail!!! mwah ha ha!!!

Yeah, I miss grandpa practically every day. Lots of things remind me of him. December 7th was also Dollie's birthday! I miss seeing her too.
It's going to be tough when I'm older and more and more people that I know are leaving this world. ...but...that's life right?

I also wonder if...in the next war...if it isn't just complete thermonuclear distruction...are we going be behind the troops and doing things to help them like in WWII...or are we going to just say...yay...good luck and thanks and then forget about them...like this war.

I hope things get better.

Anonymous said...

Such deep thoughts. I love you kiddo <3
xxxooo mom