Thursday, December 31, 2009

Booklist Post #1

So I have completed the first item off of my book list, the series The Legacy of the Force!!!!

~Pictured above: Betrayal, the first book of The Legacy of the Force series.

This series was a nine book series that took place 40 years after Star Wars: A New Hope, also known as Star Wars IV.  This series had three authors: Troy Deninng, Karen Traviss and Aaron Allston.

This is a plot summary provided by Wookepdia:
"The Corellian system, unhappy with the leadership of the Galactic Alliance, secedes. While the GA attempts to bring Corellia back into the fold, other systems follow Corellia's lead. Meanwhile, Jedi Knight Jacen Solo believes he has the potential to defeat the threat and unify the galaxy. His methods draw the ire of his uncle Luke Skywalker and the Jedi Council, leading to a rift in the Jedi Order. Over the course of the nine books, the GA, the Jedi, Jacen, Corellia, the Imperial Remnant, and several other factions all vie for power, leading to a confrontation that will dramatically reshape the future of the galaxy.

A side-plot involves Boba Fett's family issues, leadership of the Mandalorians, and role in the galactic conflict.

Many important Star Wars characters were killed off in the series."
Yes, that's right, Han and Leia got busy and had three beautiful children.  Luke also got married to Mara, a fellow Jedi master, and they had a son, Ben.

This was an absolutely wonderful series and throughout the entire nine books I was never once bored! I definitely recommend this to any  Star Wars fans.  I will be adding the next series, Fate of the Jedi, to my book list that takes place two years after Legacy of the Force ended.

The synopsis of this book series (Fate of the Jedi), taken from Wookepedia, is as follows:
"The books take place in the fictional Star Wars universe after the events of the Legacy of the Force novels and are set in the Legacy era. They recount Luke Skywalker's quest to find out why Jacen Solo fell to the dark side while in the Galactic Alliance anti-Jedi sentiment is on the rise with multiple Jedi exhibiting strange behavior. Luke is ably assisted by his son Ben in his investigations. They discover the existence of a great number of Sith to whom the Rule of Two does not apply at all."
~By also clicking the second Wookepedia link it will show you the release dates of this series, the first third of which have already been released.

I however, will probably be continuing on with my other books on the book list until the entire Fate of the Jedi series has been released. (Which will be by 2011!!!)

Thanks for reading!!!

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